#4 - Golden Mile, Belgrave, Leicester

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A well-known linear shopping street consisting of Melton & Belgrave Roads in North Leicester. There is a huge diversity of shops with many catering for the large local South Asian community.

Mapillary photos have been taken of all the shops on both sides of the street. In addtiion there are Mapillary traces from a vehicle as well.

Add as much detail as possible for shops from the Mapillary images. Supplement this with address data from the Food Hygiene list (Gregrs's app may be useful for this latter task).

Additional information can also be added about speed, turn restrictions etc on the main and side roads.

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Entities to Map
Shops, buildings, highway detail
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Add shops & other retail outlets, Golden Mile, Leicester #sk53-golden-mile
When saving your work, please leave the default comment but add what you actually mapped, for example "added buildings and a residential road".

The main purpose is to add shops and their addresses.

Add shops either as points or draw the buildings and add the shop tag to the buildings. Supplement the visible data with Food Hygiene data for addresses when possible.

There may be missing information about speed limits or turn restrictions: Leicester are very keen on no-U turns at traffic signals. Obviously other information can be added about buildings too.

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