#3 - Urban Areas in Pakistan

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Add landuse=residential for areas of habitation containing more than 25 buildings in close proximity. At least in the plains of the Punjab most hamlets, villages and towns are densely nucleated settlements. In the first instance there is no need to break urban landuse down further, we are using landuse=residential as an immediate proxy for all urban areas. Follow-up tasks will involve adding roads, and breaking down landuse. The primary objective is to have a good set of urban areas for further work.

The task cells are 5km squares on the EPSG:3957 (Popular Mercator projection) which contain any part of an urban area in the Natural Earth 1:10 million scale data. The NE data is often inaccurate and shows shifts of up to 2-3 km from the actual settlement nucleus.

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Entities to Map
urban areas with more than 25 buildings in close proximity
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Adding urban areas as landuse=residential for Pakistan #pk-urban-areas
When saving your work, please leave the default comment but add what you actually mapped, for example "added buildings and a residential road".

Review the area under each set of imagery which is available. Use your judgement to identify the best aligned, but also identify the most recent. Pakistan's population continues to grow so it is important to use the most recent imagery to provide a reasonable estimate of built-up areas.

Try and map the actual outline of the edge of the built-up area accurately. Follow roads, edges of land parcels, buildings etc. Avoid just drawing an impressionistic outline of the area: the objective is to create something which is of greater detail & more valuable than the existing Natural Earth dataset. Use the edges of assigned grid square if the urban area is more extensive than one cell.

If an area consists of extensive scattered buildings rather than a compact settlement please dont map it in this project (we are not seeking population estimates or any method of targetting all sections of the population as in some HOT projects).

By all means map other features such as roads, significant waterways etc., but also remember they distract from completing this task.

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